Singer/songwriter/guitarist, actor, and visual artist

Live performances/Updates

Update Spring, 2016:
The new album, Live In the Sun, is here! You can purchase at Earshot Records in Winston-Salem, NC or at or on iTunes.

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Kenny has "dabbled" with art for years, but seriously began painting only 3 years ago. He has always wanted to paint or draw, but kept putting it off...until he and Kathy, his wife, went to a wine/paint class. The next week he went out and bought paints, brushes and canvases. Since then he has studied at the Sawtooth Center for Visual Arts in Winston-Salem, NC and also with Mike Rooney at Art of the Carolinas.

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Kenny’s been performing regionally over the past 30+ years in colleges, clubs and coffeehouses. In the 1980’s his band, Dayroom Monitors played the NC club scene and received plenty of critical praise, but broke up before landing that elusive record deal (several labels were interested!). You can see a clip of the Dayroom Monitors, circa 1985, at, performing Kenny's song, "Two Hours".

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